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All About You Home Healthcare Activities for Seniors

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All About You Home Healthcare Activities for Seniors

An All About You Home Healthcare Representative can take those seniors willing to explore to local Senior community centers to fellowship with one another. The Aging Commission of the Mid-South contracts with senior centers in our four counties service area to provide a wide range of supportive services. Most centers are focal points in the community for those over the age of 60. Some of the following locations within All About You Home Health Care jurisdiction include but are not limited to.

The primary services offered in most centers include:

Education and Recreational Activities
General Information and Assistance
Access to Community and Governmental Agency Representatives
Heal Promotion / Disease Prevention Services
Transportation / Outreach
Congregate Meals

All About You Home Healthcare clients in Fayette County contact:

Somerville Senior Center
Address: 17290 Highway 64, Somerville, TN 38068
Contact Information: 901-465-3554 (office); 901-466-1963 (fax)

All About You Home Healthcare clients in Lauderdale County contact:

Lauderdale County Senior Center
Address: 605 Airport Street, Hall, TN 38040
Contact Information: 731-836-5444 (office); 731-836-1055 (fax)

All About You Home Healthcare clients in Tipton County contact:

Tipton County Senior Center
Address: 401 S. College Street, Covington, TN 38019
Contact Information: 901-476-3333 (office); 901-476-3398 (fax)

In Memphis and Shelby County contact:

There are several Senior Centers in the Mid-South which provide service to individuals who are 55 years of age, and older. These Senior Centers offer leisure, wellness, and educational opportunities. Many locations also offer hot nutritious lunch. All About You Home Healthcare clients in the Mid-South please review the Senior Centers listed below.

Goodwill Homes Senior Center:
Address:  163 W. Raines Rd. Memphis, TN 38109
Contact Information: 901-789-8355 (office); 901-789-8359 (fax)

Oasis of Hope: Bickford Community Center
Address: 233 Henry Avenue, Memphis, TN 38107
Contact Information: 901-527-8752 (office); 901-754-7605 (fax)

Frayser-Raleigh Senior Center
Address: 3985 Egypt Central, Memphis, TN 38128
Contact Information: 901-383-9101
Website: Frayser-Raleigh Senior Center

J.K Lewis Senior Center
Address: 1188 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105
Contact Information: 901-636-4255
Website: J.K Lewis Senior Center

McWherter Senior Center
Address: 1355 Estate, Memphis, TN 38119
Contact Information: 901-761-2462
Website: McWherter Senior Center

Orange Mound Community Service Center
Address: 2590 Park, Memphis, TN 38114
Contact Information: 901-636-6622
Website: Energizers Blog and Community Center Blog

Any Age, Any Time, Anywhere… We Care. Allow one of our passionate caregivers to assist you in exploring the activities at one of the locations near you.

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